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On November 28, as part of the 3rd 3W Congress, the Final Gala of the 2nd edition of the Talents of Tommorow grant program will be held. The competition aims to inspire young people to create innovations and implement scientific and research projects.

Last year’s edition of the Talents of Tommorow was a huge success. The foundation received almost 100 submissions, from which it selected 50 finalists. During the Final Gala, the jury chose 20 laureates and awarded prizes worth half a million zlotych. Among winning projects were, for example, sensory blocks for kids losing sight, a tool for complex analysis of nanomorfology of grana thylakoids, and a drone with a crash cart. Special prizes and distinctions were also awarded related to the development of the 3W initiative: water, hydrogen, and coal.

This year, 60 young scientists will fight for a grant valued at 25 thousand zloty. The selection board, consisting of scientists, representatives of university authorities, and business representatives, will judge such things as the originality and innovation of presented projects, their significance in the development of the scientific discipline, and the possibility of implementation of planned work. The official award ceremony will take place on the main stage on the second day of the 3W Congress.