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3W Startup Showdown is a competition for start-ups from the Three Seas region that implement projects in line with the 3W Idea and are authors or originators of technologies that use at least one of three resources – water, hydrogen and elemental carbon. Implementation of projects based on 3W technologies is crucial to building an innovation-based economy.

We want to support innovative start-ups in developing modern 3W technologies, which can then be applied in industry, power generation industry, medicine, agriculture and other industries.

We are looking for startups that:

  • develop and implement projects using at least one of three resources: water, hydrogen and elemental carbon, or operate in the synergistic area of resources;
  • are involved in innovative technology using carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon fibers, graphene, activated carbon, carbon fuel cells, advanced material technologies;
  • implement projects related to hydrogen technologies, develop methods for storing and producing hydrogen, look for such solutions that will make energy transition towards zero-carbon faster and more efficient;

and whose

  • solutions will help manage water resources reasonably, save water, treat and condition it, reduce its consumption in sectors such as agriculture, power generation industry and food production;
  • projects respond to contemporary challenges of civilization and society and achieve the sustainable development goals.

Schedule of the competition:

  • stage I – call for application forms – the deadline for announcing the Competition and submitting applications: October 23, 2023 – November 22, 2023;
  • stage II – preselection – selection of 10  start-ups from among submitted applications: November 23, 2023
  • stage III – Pitch-Day (final): November 27, 2023 during the Congress.


  1. Presentation of the project on the main stage of the 3rd 3W Congress.
  2. Opportunity to hold a presentation in front of Venture Capital funds whose representatives will be present during the Congress.
  3. Validation – the product/technology will be subject to a validation process; it will be carried out by experts from ICI 3W in cooperation with external laboratories and will check the actual technical parameters of the product/technology; the product/technology that meets the declared technical parameters and is consistent with the 3W Idea assumptions will receive a validation certificate.
  4. Publications of materials about the winner in the channels of the 3W Idea (social networks, 3W platform, the News from the 3W World newsletter) and the selected media patron of the Congress.

Competition regulations in PDF file