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You are invited to the largest meeting of experts in Poland and this part of Europe who deal with technologies in the area of water, hydrogen and elemental carbon!

The 3rd 3W Congress will be held on
November 27 to 28, 2023,
at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Warsaw, ul. Skalnicowa 21

The 3W water-hydrogen-carbon idea is a unique project initiated by BGK in 2021. Its task is to support the development of and build a competitive advantage for the Polish economy based on innovative technologies in the areas of water, hydrogen and non-energy carbon.

The two editions of the congress so far have brought together several hundred people: talented scientists, courageous entrepreneurs, visionary NGOs, ambitious students and responsible representatives of the public sector and financial institutions.

During the 3rd 3W Congress, we will discuss how we are pursuing our mission to build the 3W ecosystem, how the 3W sector is developing and what challenges it faces, as well as the direction of technology trends related to water, hydrogen and carbon.

The theme of this year’s 3W Congress is elemental carbon and related technologies used in the medical, IT, defense and space industries. There will also be topics related to sustainable water resources management and their conservation. We will discuss what a hydrogen-powered future might look like and take a look at solutions used successfully in other countries. We will present the results of analyses and reports on 3W technologies and the development of the 3W sector. We will also show the most interesting 3W projects that are being implemented by local governments and talk about what opportunities local governments see for the development of the region through their involvement in 3W projects.

We will start on November 27 with the largest networking breakfast in Poland! It will be attended by registered participants, so not only our Partners from the 3W world, but anyone who has projects related to at least one W and wants to establish business relationships to develop their venture.

We also rely on a variety of meeting formats – from classic ones that serve to impart expert knowledge, to inspiring interactive formats that will facilitate active participation by those who have innovative ideas and are looking for collaboration partners. Our agenda includes numerous stage talks with experts with Q&A sessions, case study presentations, moderated brainstorming sessions and speed dating.

The main stage of the Congress will also host the finals of competitions such as Start-up Showdown – is a competition for innovative 3W start-ups from the Three Seas region that implement projects in line with the 3W Idea and are authors or originators of technologies that use at least one of three resources – water, hydrogen and non-energy carbon. Implementation of projects based on 3W technologies is crucial to building an innovation-based economy.

Participation in the 3rd 3W Congress is paid – an admission ticket entitles you to participate in all activities during the 2 days of the Congress (networking breakfast, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, case study presentations, moderated brainstorming sessions). The cost of the ticket is PLN 300 gross.

The funds raised from ticket sales will be allocated by BGK to one of the initiatives indicated by Congress participants. Each participant will be able to vote in the Congress application for a project they want to support.

The selected projects will include swamp roofs, purchase of retention tanks for rainwater harvesting.