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You are invited to the largest meeting of experts in Poland and this part of Europe dealing with technologies in the areas of water, hydrogen and elemental carbon!

At the 3rd 3W Congress, we will explain our mission to build the 3W ecosystem. We will discuss how the 3W sector is developing and what challenges it faces. Crucially, we will also examine what are the technology trends in the fields of water, hydrogen and carbon.

Get to know the 3W Idea

Today, the world faces challenges that endanger civilization. Of all these challenges, climate change is the one that poses most immediate and real threat to all of humanity. To respond to this challenge, a transition from a hydrocarbon-based to a net zero economy is accelerating.

The 3W Idea initiated by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego focuses on the resources around which business, science, administration and society should build their green transition strategy. On water without which there would be no life on Earth, on hydrogen which is the future of energy, and on new coal technologies and their potential.

2nd 3W Congress

On December 7 and 8, 2022 the Crowne Plaza Warsaw became a place of meeting and discussion by experts, scientists, lecturers, economists, representatives of business, media, local governments and many others. 15 thematic panels, 3 lecture halls and nearly 100 speakers, inspiring discussions, keynotes and lectures gathered nearly 500 listeners and attracted 35 editors.

Tim Marshall, a geopolitics expert and author of the book “Prisoners of Geography”, was a special guest at the 2nd Congress. He delivered a lecture on how the positions of states are affected by their location on the world map and addressed the three resources constituting 3W.